We Camille & Daniel.
We are so excited to bring you a closer look inside our wedding.


Our beautiful wedding story

First meet

It all started a little over 7 years ago during a church choir practice. Daniel had just gotten his first job and relocated to Kileleshwa where now he started attending Lavington SDA Church. He wanted to perfect his bass so he joined the choir where on this day he could not resist the beauty of Camille as she took the high pitches while singing. Let's just say the bass became alto as the introductions started.

The journey begins

So Daniel is very shy no wonder it took him 6 years to comfortably ask Camille to be his girlfriend. During the period the two became very close friends and could tell each other anything. When they had breakups and when they had new relationships. They were those friends. The love for Big Square catchups or late night calls became a norm in that period. It is the foundation of this forever story

First kiss & first proposal

Camille calls it a kiss robbery because thats what Dan did. This day Dan was prepared. He made some chicken barbeque with fries, Camille's favorite, and once she was full and trying to rise up a kiss was exchanged. There was silence for a few minutes. That silence of "What just happened". What followed was 6 months of redoing the "Be my girlfriend" proposal". Camille kept declining the proposals saying they were not done properly and was still not sure about friends turn boyfriend and girlfriend. There were no premium  tears though as in May 2017 she said yes to the first proposal


This was both brutal and romantic. Daniel says they broke up around 4 or 5 times in the period. Those breakups of am done and we need to go separate ways but in the morning of course Daniel had to use his skills to warm Camille's heart. Their greatest lesson of all was learning to bear with one another with the flows they each hard even when they felt like giving up one of them always had the energy to light the room.


Camille didn't know that Daniel and her best friend and sister had planned a surprise engagement dinner for her disguised as a vacation. On 12th October 2018 in the middle of the Indian Ocean Dan went on his knees and she said yes. However, till today Camille does not remember what Dan said because she was crying all through. Did she have an option though? It was either to say yes or be thrown in the ocean. She was wise....